Syncordant is commercializing extraordinary patented and proprietary innovations in network search, routing and data access. The result is a revolutionary new method for real-time enterprise and B2B trading partner data exchange.

Enterprises can use Syncordant’s software-only solution to quickly and economically overcome one their greatest challenges; the inability to readily access detailed data about operational changes that affect demand, supply, production and finance throughout their internal and inter-enterprise information ecosystems.

Syncordant’s solution is a compelling alternative to all other methods used for this purpose. Using Syncordant dramatically reduces the capital costs, time and expense of operational data integration. The result is far more effective departmental and enterprise reporting, business intelligence, analytics, and multi-enterprise “sense-and-respond” business processes across extended demand, production and supply and financial networks.

The company’s science was originally developed for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and has been applied by the US Army’s Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) to optimize remote battlefield command and control. Subsequently, it was revised for commercial use by Siemens Corporation’s Technology-to-Business Transformation Center in Berkeley, CA.

Syncordant is owned by IgniteIP, a private equity firm that focuses on the placement and monetization of intellectual property (IP) directly into industry.